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Welcome to Inside Comics. Our goal is to share and review great unconventional comics we’re fans of (or run into) online and offline.

These are comics from our childhood, such as Tintin & Life in Hell, as well as
new internet comics such as Not From Concentrate.

We invite you to participate, so please contact us if you have suggestions of comics you’d like us to feature, or if you’d like to share your childhood favorites or comic memories as a guest blogger.

The Perry Bible Fellowship: Athiest Approved

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Another piece of sheer genious that brings me to tears of happiness

Thank you to the mad genious Nicholas Gurewitch and  The Perry Bible Fellowship.

If you like his work as much as I do, you can pick up the whole collection at Amazon


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

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Finding comics in our beloved genre is the great search for a diamond in the rough.

“Alternative” comics for people who love comics, but don’t read or get the love from all the “real” comic book folks.

The problem with this world is that it’s highly scattered and the greats are far & few in between.

That’s why we, at Inside Comics are always really happy to find new incredible resourse of these comics.

Enter our greatest new obsession: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal!

Not only does the name remind us of good times back in the 80′s and our Youth, the comics have the great candy color or the Oatmeal, and the sick demented genius of our all time favorite: Red Meat!

Enjoy your cereal and smirk like it’s the 80′ once again!

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